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Beard trimmer buying guide


Trimming, shaving, detailing or pruning, you can guarantee that at least one of these will be a part of every man’s grooming routine. With so many trimmers on offer it can be difficult to know which product is right for you. Fear not though, the experts at Wahl are on hand to help find the perfect trimmer for your facial foliage.


Do you need a trimmer that will keep your facial fuzz in check or are you looking for a trimmer that can do it all? Whilst maintaining a beard may only require a standard blade, all over body grooming demands particular blades for each area of the head and body. This can be anything from a personal trimmer with a reciprocating head for removing unwanted ear and nose hair to a multigroomer with interchangeable heads that caters for the face, body and head.

Beard Type

Stubble, light beard, long beard, moustache, goatee… The type of facial hair you choose to grow will determine which trimmer you need. The most important things to consider are the number of attachment guide combs and length settings. For instance, rocking a 5 ‘o’ clock shadow will require close trim attachments whereas a longer beard requires a bigger guide comb.


The quality and sharpness of the blades are important to achieving a great trim. Wahl blades are made from high carbon steel ensuring they stay sharper for longer and are precision ground for the best cutting performance. Whether it’s lining up your beard or a close trim that you need, our trimmer blades all cut to a super close 0.5mm.


Wahl blades are self-sharpening, but to ensure you get a fresh trim every time, a small bit of maintenance is required. Oiling the blades before the first use, then brushing excess hair off the blades and oiling after every use will keep them lubricated which is essential to preventing rust and extending the life of the trimmer.

Guide Combs

Guide combs are essential to creating your desired look. Close trim attachments that range from grades 0.5-1.5 (1.5-4.5mm) will help you maintain short stubble, whilst long lustrous beards may require taming with a longer grade 8 (25mm). Alternative options include 5 or 6 point adjustable combs that range from 3-13mm and integrated guide combs that adjust in 1mm increments from 2-24mm.

Standard trimmer guide comb sizes are:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
3mm 6mm 10mm 13mm 16mm 19mm 22mm 25mm


Close trim guide comb sizes are:

0.5 1 1.5
1.5mm 3mm 4.5mm


Today’s busy lifestyle dictates that men need to be able to trim their beards whenever and wherever they want, so you’ll need a trimmer with a battery that can stand up to the challenge. Battery life is a huge consideration when purchasing a trimmer, as the last thing you want is to lose power half way through trimming your beard. Wahl trimmers range from 45 minutes to an incredible 240 minutes run time from a 60 minute charge (that’s up to 3 months use!).  Also, look out for the ‘quick charge function’, which provides 3 minutes use from a 1 minute charge; perfect for if the battery does run out mid trim.


Now that we have navigated through the key features, it’s time to find the right trimmer for you.

Stubble Maintenance

Cord/Cordless Beard & Stubble Trimmer

Power through your facial hair, necklines and sideburns with the Cord/Cordless Beard & Stubble trimmer. Maintain perfectly groomed stubble and a well-trimmed beard with 4 guide combs, including 3 close trim attachments and a 6 position adjustable comb, providing flexible styling capabilities.

Pro Stubble Trimmer

The Pro Stubble’s integrated guide combs are flexible, adjusting to the contours of your face for a comfortable trim. Selecting your stubble length is simple with a convenient slide switch that adjusts in 1mm increments for precise trimming. Lithium Ion technology provides an incredible 120 minutes run time, plus a 1 minute quick charge for over 3 minutes use. Maintaining your Pro Stubble Trimmer is easy, as the blade is rinseable, snapping on and off for easy cleaning. Worldwide voltage.

Aqua Blade Wet/Dry Stubble & Beard Trimmer

Trim, shave and edge with our closest cutting trimmer, shave without the irritation of a traditional razor blade. Never replace a blade again, this is the only blade you will ever need with a Lifetime blade guarantee. Suitable for wet or dry use, you can even use in the shower.  Maintain stubble or groom a lustrous big beard with 12 guide combs providing you with enough cutting lengths to create any style you want.

Light Beard

Groomsman Battery Hair Trimmer

Taking care of your basic beard needs is simple with 3 close trim attachments and a 6 point adjustable comb ideal for keeping a light beard trimmed. The ergonomic design is suited to lining up your beard and battery operation makes it an ideal travel trimmer.

4 in 1 Multigroomer, Stainless Steel

If you require more styling options for your beard, the 4in1 Multigroomer is great, with four interchangeable heads for grooming, shaving and outlining. Using the edge of the T-Blade will help to create sharp lines, with a detail shaver head for a super close shave and a wide selection of guide combs that makes blending your beard into your sideburns simple. Advanced SPL technology provides a 240 minute run time from a 60 minute charge (that’s up to 3 months use on a single charge), so you’ll always have the power to look your best. Worldwide voltage.

2 in 1 Vacuum Stubble & Beard Trimmer

No mess trimming and easy clean up with powerful vacuum suction that captures up to 96% of hair*. Individual motors for vacuum and cutting ensures maximum suction with no loss of trimming power. With an adjustable vacuum intake to accommodate all beard lengths and removable vacuum chamber for simple disposal of hair trimmings. The rinseable blade snaps on and off for easy cleaning. Get up to 90 minutes cordless run time from a 90 minute charge.

*Up to 96% of hair –  results may vary depending on beard and trimming techniques

Beard Oil Gift Set

Whether it’s a short beard or a long beard, it is essential to keep it well conditioned. The Beard Oil Gift Set features four fragrances to promote smooth and soft facial hair, with each scent designed to complement the mood you are in.

Full Beard

Beard Care Kit

As your beard becomes too long for guide combs, it’s all about keeping wispy hairs in check and maintaining a good shape. The Beard Care Kit features a trimmer that is easy to control for nicking off stray hairs and lining up. The stylish beard brush is perfect for keeping a long beard well-groomed with a Refresh Beard Oil to smooth, soften and condition.

Beard Oil Gift Set

Whether it’s a short beard or a long beard, it is essential to keep it well conditioned. The Beard Oil Gift Set features four fragrances to promote smooth and soft facial hair, with each scent designed to complement the mood you are in.

Moustache or Goatee

Battery Trimmer

A battery operated trimmer is perfectly suited to maintaining a moustache or goatee as it can requires less use. Interchangeable guide combs make it quick and easy to switch between grooming your goatee and edging your moustache.

Blitz 3 in 1 Beard Trimmer

The Blitz T-Blade is useful for shaping the inside corners of your goatee and being wider than a standard trimmer blade you can get the outlines seriously straight. Use the foil shave head for an ultra-clean shave around the goatee then the precision shave head for getting in extra close to highlight those sharp outlines. Advanced SPL technology provides a 240 minute run time from a 60 minute charge with a 1 minute quick charge for 3 minutes use if the battery has run low. Worldwide voltage.

Lifeproof Shaver

If you really want to show off that beautifully crafted moustache or goatee then keeping the rest of your face clean shaven is essential. This shaver is practically indestructible with a shock-proof housing to deal with the rigours of everyday life. The 3 cut system provides the closest shave possible, with dual foils designed to catch short hairs and a trimmer that cuts the longer hairs. The additional pop up trimmer head is useful for lining up your moustache or goatee. Boasting a 90 minute run time with a 1 minute quick charge function.

All Over Body Grooming

Multi Groomer

Flawless full body grooming results at a fantastic price! Three interchangeable heads will style your facial hair, tidy up hairlines, clean up body hair and remove pesky ear, brow and nose hair.

14 in 1 Chromium Multigroomer

Multigroomers do not come much more comprehensive than the 14 in 1. Name a body part and you can guarantee there is an attachment to keep it well groomed. Stubble and beard maintenance are covered with 5 guide combs and a 6 position variable comb. Larger areas such as the chest can be kept in check with a wide T-Blade that is also suitable for haircuts. If you prefer a clean look, the dual shaver head is perfect and to really keep things tidy, a rotary head will remove unwanted ear and nose hairs. Feeling creative? A precision detailer head can be used for creating designs.

4 in 1 Multigroomer, Stainless Steel

Head to toe grooming has never looked so good with this premium stainless steel 4 in 1 Multigroomer. Perform full haircuts, keep chest hair under control, maintain facial hair and remove unwanted nose and ear hairs with four interchangeable heads and 12 attachment guide combs. Advanced SPL technology provides a 240 minute run time from a 60 minute charge (up to 3 months use on a single charge), so you’ll always have the power to look your best. Worldwide voltage.

Finishing Touches


Never miss a hair again with an integrated mini-spotlight that lets you see every ear and nose hair. Fully washable, the Spotlight Trimmer can be used in the shower so you never have to take time out of your morning routine again. An additional reciprocating head with comb attachment is perfect for tidying up eyebrows.

Micro Finisher

Lightweight, pocket sized and a near indestructible aluminium body, the Micro Finisher is the ultimate travel personal trimmer. The three heads are rinseable for thorough cleaning and will make removing unwanted hairs and pruning your eyebrows a breeze. The Lithium Ion battery provides years of use too.

Rechargeable Ear, Nose & Brow

Sleek and compact, this rechargeable trimmer will take care of your personal grooming needs. Remove ear and nose hair with the rotary head or trim around your eyebrows with the reciprocating head. For more precise detailing, the detail head with its detachable comb will ensure accurate detailing of the eyebrows and sideburns. An impressive run time of 120 minutes ensures this trimmer will maintain a constant power supply for several uses on a single charge so you’ll never be caught out if the battery does run out.