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4 Steps to Healthy, Happy at Home Dog Grooming

With current events a lot of people have adapted to Home Dog Grooming. Grooming your dog yourself is a great way to grow your bond while also staying in tune with any changes in their fur or skin, which can indicate potential health issues.

This guide helps break down 4 easy steps to achieving a healthy and happy home dog grooming experience.

Step One: Bath

The first step is to bath your pup! Bathing your pet will remove any dirt and debris that can affect your clipper blades. A good scrub will remove unwanted dirt, mud, oils, shed, and anything else that may have got tangled in their fur. They will also smell much better!

Wahl have a large range of shampoos and conditioners to choose from including Oatmeal EssenceDirty BeastieDeep BlackCopper TonesDiamond White and Mucky Puppy. We also have a conditioner to leave your pooches fur silky soft – Easy Groom.

Dog being Bathed

Step Two: Brush

Regular brushing removes dirt and shed, while spreading natural oils throughout the coat. There are a wide variety of brushes available for dog grooming and understanding your dog’s coat type and needs are important for determining which brush(es) may be right.

If your dog sheds often, look for tools that are built to remove shedding fur. If your pup has curly fur, a slicker brush may be the perfect tool for helping remove tangles and the mats. For longer coats, a pin brush may be the exact solution you need to keep their fur smooth and tangle-free. If you are still undecided you can read our Dog Brush Guide to find the right brush for your four-legged friend!

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Dog being brushed

Step Three: Clip

You should always bath and brush your dog before clipping. This will aide in your pup having a stress and tangle-free clip, as well as help keep your blade from having to work in overdrive to power mats and dirt.

You can choose between clippers of trimmers. Clippers are great for body grooming and best used with attachment guide combs to leave your pet’s coat at optimal length. Trimmers are great for trimming around faces, paws, and other sensitive areas.

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Lithium Pro Series Dog Clipper

Step Four: Claws

Lastly, is clipping your pup’s nails. There are a number of nail tools to choose from and understanding how they work can help you narrow down your search.

Our Nail Grinder is ideal for trimming, shaping, and smoothing your pet’s nails. Grinders can be used on any size dog and they reduce the potential for accidents when caring for pets’ nails.

Nail clippers are great for quick nail trims – though often a filer or grinder is needed after to smooth down any sharp edges a clipper can leave behind. The Nail Clippers are outfitted with a safety stop guard which overcomes the risk of overcutting and hurting the QUICK (blood vessel in your pets’ claws). The semi-circular indentations in both blades allow you to see exactly where you’re cutting the pet nail.

Dog getting claws clipped